November 2014

Happy: Art as therapy


With completion of this series, it's evident how therapeutic this project has been.

Watching these images relay a story, while reflecting on the metamorphosis of my last 9 months, they seem to be one in the same. I caught fire, silently felt a storm begin, fell apart completely, envious of the life I was distancing myself from, and searched for a beacon of light. I got lost in sorrow and sought solace at the sea side.


Autumn came and still, lost, tumbling without direction until a subtle feeling of the importance of movement forward began to take root. Ready to make a transition, a heaviness was lifted and my mind began to clear.



Through this project, I enveloped myself in another world, in an experience where there was more presence in the moment. My mind vacated thought, expressed itself on canvas, and became color. I suppose you could call it a form of mindfulness, a practice which has led me to acceptance, and understanding of the importance of self-love, self-worth and forgiveness.

With the arrival of November, and the conclusion of this series, I'm on a pathway forward, one on which I intend to continue while remaining hopeful for happy, and focused on the present.


Source: Happy: Art as therapy