Oldies but Goodies

New year - bringing back to the gallery some favorite pieces that have brightened up my mood and have been known to find temporary placements in our home here and there. Showing now through Feb 1st at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery “Abstractions” show in the Salon.

Abstractions 2.jpg

Imbalance of Symmetry - SFWA Gallery Opening 12/13/2018



JENNYMARIE Wurz is a self-taught artist whose work is guided by life events. In her art, she hopes to capture an expression of emotion through the use of color, and shape leaving an opening for interpretation of self-expression in an abstract medium. Pieces are a reflection of mood, created in layers of color and texture. Each layer is created in stages during which the paint remains wet and can be manipulated, blended until set. Through her work, she is encouraging the viewer and the artist to understand, misunderstand, inspire and spark conversation between one-another. Jenny was born and grew up in upstate New York, and attended college and graduate school in Boston at the Massachusetts college of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Residing in San Francisco since 2011, she is an actively practicing primary care Physician Assistant in Family Medicine. She sees medicine and painting similarly, both being art forms which translate across all spectrums of humanity and bring us together in universal form of communication.


The Imbalance of Symmetry

In “The Imbalance of Symmetry” collection the artist demands an acceptance of accession leading to unpredicted possibility, seeing value added by making parts a whole. Just as we strive to control the world around us, these pieces demand control and patience on the part of the maker. Yet without warning and in spite of discipline they diverge on a path of their own allowing space for accession of the unplanned to structure creating a beauty unique from its independent parts. This series is an expression of gratitude for the grace in imperfection and the disarray that inevitably invades structure; encouraging acceptance and lighting a path to contentedness in faults on our own search for success. It is recognition of the infallibility of imperfection and fulfilment that lies in straying from a planned course through compromise. Two very different beings living in harmony; one a silver lining of creativity and storm of chaos, the other a sturdy structured concrete nature and the undeniable possibility that explodes upon their collision.