November 2014 #2

Living Inspired


Heading home on Fillmore after a night out with friends new to SF, I was reminded that this is a city where people come to start anew, a place where we come to get to know ourselves, to enter a new chapter of our lives and find adventure. This is exactly what it had been to me. There is something rejuvenating and free-feeling about the city by the bay, and now at the same time, after 3 years here, something so familiar and cozy, almost small and home-town feeling. Until recently I started to feel constrained by the small-town coziness San Francisco had assumed while I was discovering my role in it. Here I was, contemplating starting over again somewhere different, until I had the thought, maybe the biggest adventure would be staying. I always start a new chapter. I don't let the plot develop. What would happen if I let life continue to unfold without removing myself from the wonderful and not-so-wonderful relationships, friendships, challenges, successes and failures? What would happen if I accepted the even more difficult challenge of dealing with the things that had been difficult, appreciating the things I stopped realizing were beautiful? There's so much life, culture and beauty here that I've too easily forgotten to notice. I'm reminded that we are the same people no matter where we move ourselves. It's not the place that let's us start anew, find adventure, enter a new chapter of our lives or get to know ourselves in a different light (though it can certainly help), it's the ability to turn a new leaf and move forward with new perspective. To open ourselves to experiences, people, step outside of our personal constraints and change what it is we want to be different.

Life can become stagnant, but look up. It's still beautiful. And now, without realizing, you're moving forward, it's changing.

Preparing for this coming thanksgiving with new friends, old friends, and FAMILY, I'm so thankful for everyone who has contributed to the diverse mosaic that is our San Francisco and excited for this time with all of you!


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