Januaury 2015 #2


Working through the weekend! Inspired by a recent Call for Submissions

State of Matter

Title: State of Matter


Acrylic and water color mixed media with metals. Technique: Background tinted gesso with mixed acrylic blues applied with sponges and palate knife. Layered centrally with thick acrylics, watercolors and colored chain for contrast and emphasis on transitional qualities.


This piece represents fusion of the liquid and solid state and the circumstance of transition between the two. Both in the literal sense, and in the sense that we ourselves, and the world around us, are in a constant state of flux. By exploring the fusion of solid and liquid and the state of matter between them, an understanding emerges that each one is part of the other. This relationship allows us the propensity to be ever changing, integrating past and present, exploring the liquid state of ideas which become tangible solids which inspire new ideas and creation in a constant progression.

Source: Fusion